The budgeting solution for the entire family.
EnvelopePlus is the app that combines the old-fashioned, common sense of an envelope based budget with the practicality of modern technology. EnvelopePlus synchronizes you budget information between all of your iOSĀ® devices making it the perfect budgeting solution for you and your entire family.
EnvelopePlus gives you all of the advantages of envelope budgeting without having to carry around cash envelopes
Instead of carrying around several cash envelopes, you can make a purchase using you debit card or a check and then enter the purchase into EnvelopePlus. The purchase can simply be taken from several different virtual envelopes instead of having to use cash from several different envelopes.
EnvelopePlus is the budgeting solution for the entire family.
EnvelopePlus makes managing money together as a family easy. Using a single EnvelopePlus account, you can share your envelope information between family members while having the option to limit what information and functionality is available for younger family members.